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BUSTLINE MEDIA is a Media, Entertainment, Event Planning & Marketing  Company based in London, United Kingdom.

BUSTLINE MEDIA is the organiser of the global awards project, DIAMOND SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS WORLDWIDE

BUSTLINE MEDIA is passionate about encouraging privileged people to give back to their communities through empowering the youth, the poor and the less privileged.  We support  poor single mothers and their children; one family at a time: in the area of education and well being.

BUSTLINE MEDIA founded ‘FRIENDS OF BUSTLINE MEDIA FOUNDATION’ that comprises of the friends of the media house across the world with the mission and passion to give back to various communities, children and people in need.

  • Awards

    Bustline Media's Diamond Special Recognition Awards Worldwide is a global awards project that celebrates people who are passionate about charity and empowerment, who are behind amazing success stories and who themselves have made positive impacts in the community they live in, but remain unsung. The awards' mission is to bring these people to the front row, applaud them, and also encourage them to empower the next generation.

  • Concerts

    The company's other projects are:
    'The Twins' Concert UK' : A celebration of the unique talents of twins and multiple births across all races.
    'The Royal Awards': A celebration of Africans Blue Blood.
    'Indigenous Music Awards' : Created to celebrate and honour Indigenous Musicians across Africa.

  • Events

    We have successfully packaged and promoted various high class events in the United Kingdom and beyond. We have won various awards as Best Event Marketer and Planner in the Nigerian community in the United Kingdom. We are reputable for planning and organising highbrow events from start to finish. We also market and promote various events for wider reach, no matter the budget.


YETUNDE ODUWOLE is a popular writer, columnist, blogger and event planner/organiser.  She is the founder of Diamond Special Recognition awards Worldwide and Friends of Bustline Media Foundation (FOBMED)




She at one time in her life studied Accountancy, but because of her love for words, she veered into Journalism. She started off her writing career with a News Magazine based in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria called THE EDITOR in 1989. She later joined Nigerian Standard Newspapers by Plateau Publishing Company in Jos shortly after. 


Whilst studying in Jos, she created her popular column, BUSTLINE which earned her fame over the years because of its honest, down-to-earth and unusual approach to various relationships topics. 


In 1995, she was invited by the Master of Nigerian romance journalism, Mr. Kayode Ajala to join HEARTS MAGAZINE, a celebrated romance journal. She thereafter worked with SWEETHEARTS magazine, SWEETDREAMS magazine (both romance journals). She at the same time worked as a contributing editor to a fashion/lifestyle magazine called EMINENT PEOPLE by the Nigerian fashion icon David Kolawole Vaughan (DAKOVA).

In 1997, Mr. Mayor Akinpelu, a guru in Nigerian Journalism invited her to join FAME magazine, one of the leading soft sell magazines at the time. Afterwards, she became the woman editor of  a soft sell called MARVEL magazine.

Still in 1997, Mr. Mayor Akinpelu started his magazine GLOBAL EXCELLENCE, and made Yetunde his first Woman Editor.

Yetunde kicked off the first African free celebrity lifestyle/soft sell magazine in London, called CRYSTALS MAGAZINE in 2003 as a co-publisher. In 2005, she was invited by Mr. Seye Kehinde, the publisher of CITYPEOPLE magazine and Chairman of  CITY PEOPLE GROUP to contribute her column BUSTLINE to the largest circulating soft sell in Africa.




Aside being witty with words, she also has an undying love for acting, which she considers her first love – she has featured in some Nigerian movies/series/sitcoms both in Nigeria and the UK. She is also a seasoned script writer and has written various movie scripts.


She holds various aces in artiste marketing and packaging.  She scored a first by creating Diamond Special Recognition Awards Worldwide in 2011, a global awards ceremony that travels around the world to recognise unsung achievers as well as the celebrated.  She held the post of the chairperson of an association of Theatre and Entertainment Practitioners in the African community in the UK called EATEP.

She has an OCR (Oxford & Cambridge Recognition) in Travel and Tourism UK. She is a qualified, UK approved FIRST AIDER. She has a B.A Hons in Tourism Management at the University of Greenwich, London.

Yetunde is a mother of two and lives in London.




* Diamond Special Recognition Awards Worldwide – Nominated for “Best International Event” at the 2013 Life Changers Awards UK.

* Bustline Media – Nominated for “Best Event Organiser” at the 2014 Women For Africa Awards.

* Bustline Media – Won “Best Event Company” Award at the 2014 Nigeria Events Awards ( NEA UK)

* Bustline Media – Won “Best Event Marketer/Organiser at the 2014 Nigeria Events Awards ( NEA UK)

* Got The Award for Excellence in the Media at the 16th Gathering Of Africa’s Best (GAB Awards) November, 2014.

* Recognition Award as the “Best UK based Events Promoter/Marketer” at the 2014 Celebrity Bash Awards, Nigeria.

* Recognition Award for Media and Events Promotions Success at the 3rd Marketing Ministers UK Business Awards 2015.